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Alka Anand


Sumedh Mudgalkar follows me on Twitter 20/01/17 Best b'day gift of my lyf😍😍 Sumedhian forever😍 and I love Kajol devgan too 😍 2♥️

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So guys #radhakrishn clocked a #trp of 2.9 in it's first week.... This is grand opening.... Hats off to the entire team of #radhakrishn ❤️ 🎉 & We are going to make it a number 1 show... Opening episode of #radhakrishn clocked a #trp of 2.4  #trpchart :- @salilsand  Watch #radhakrishn Mon-Sat at 9pm only on @StarBharat  @beatking_sumedh @mallikasingh_official  @realswastik
Everything about today's episode was exquisitely beautiful!  He speaks all with his expressions😍 You make playing the flute look divine❤️ And this line  प्रेम... ढाई अक्षर का ये शब्द कितना सरल लगता है ना पर उसकी डगर उतनी ही कठिन है.... ।  And I have fallen for him again!  #radhakrishn is magic of love right now in Tv world ❣️ @beatking_sumedh @StarBharat @sktorigins @realswastik  #divine #love #life #prem #radha #krishna
राधा की चाहत हैं श्रीकृष्ण  उसके दिल की विरासत हैं श्रीकृष्ण  चाहे कितना भी रास रचा लें श्रीकृष्ण दुनिया तो फिर भी यही कहती है  राधेकृष्ण राधेकृष्ण राधेकृष्ण........ ।। @beatking_sumedh  @mallikasingh_official  @starbharat  @sktorigins  @realswastik  #radhakrishn #starbharat #प्रेमगाथा #राधाकृष्ण #eternallovestory
A tribute to Radhakrishn! ❤️ Just tried 🙃 Hope you will lyk it 🙈  @beatking_sumedh  @mallikasingh_official  @starbharat  #radhakrishna #radhakrishn
I haven't seen any dream lyk this in my life ever as I have watched this mesmerising trailer!! It's completely Epidemic 😭  It's lyk I'm watching a dream with open eyes that left me stunned😍😍❤️ Godd! I can't, THIS IS SOO GOOD SOO GOOD SOO GOOD...... Wake me up when it's October, I CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG!  @beatking_sumedh Feeling soooooooo soo soo proud of you ♥️ @mallikasingh_official  #radhakrishn #प्रेमगाथा #सदियोंपुराना #अद्भुतगाथा #राधाकृष्ण #नयाशो #starbharat #गोकूल #प्रेमकिपरिभाषा  VC:- @radhakrishnfc
Sb log khud ko ab free rakhna kyunki Saath milkr dekhna h 🌸🌸RADHAKRISHNA🌸 😍🐒🐒❤️❤️❤️ @beatking_sumedh  @mallikasingh_official
Jag karta h Prem,  Prem paane k liye.... Inhone kiya Prem,  Prem smjhane k liye.... 🌸RADHAKRISHNA 🌸  @beatking_sumedh  @mallikasingh_official  Finally the best thing of this year is going to happen😭😭 Now we will get to see #radhakrishna 😍😍 Excited 🐒🐒 #राधाकृष्ण #प्रेमगाथा #अद्भुतगाथा #सदियोंपुराना #नयाशो  #starbharat #promo #eternallovestory
Happy Independence day to all 💟  @beatking_sumedh
Damn excited for the most awaited tv series of yours 🌹RADHAKRISHNA🌹  @beatking_sumedh  I really really wanted you to do this show and when it got scrapped I was heartrended😭😭😭😭 Sacchi! But finally this is happening💟  I am sure this KRISHNA gonna rock 🐒🐒🐒🐒 Wish you all the success love😙  VC ~@sumedhs_sumedhian17
*My Reaction* When someone says ❤️SUMEDH❤️and teases me😂  Hayee! Kaise batau kitni sharam aati h🙈🙈😂 @beatking_sumedh
*When he is nearby but you could not find him*  Wait... HOLD ON! Wo yahi kahi h... I can feel him💟🙈 @beatking_sumedh
1 year of Manjha 🐒🐒 Yayyyyyyyy congratulations Sumedh!! First of all that mehnat  you have done for the movie and then the success you got😍 It's been an awsm journey for you and an inspiration for many of us out there!....... And we non-maharastrian Sumedhians knw how much we were 'Betaab' for this movie to watch and luckily we got a chance to enjoy your movie on 15th of April this yr💟 HAASHH!! 😍 felt relieved😅  @beatking_sumedh Love you dilbar ❤️
THE PICTURE SAYS IT ALL 😍😍 A truly deserving winner for the #bestdebut #bestvillain and #besthero 😘😘 ... A proud Sumedhian is applauding here 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏.... Aahhh now I am getting emotional! Soooooooo happy to see you with these trophies 🏆 💃  Many many more yet to come dilbar❤️ @beatking_sumedh 💟 And the best day and picture for my 100th post 💃🐒... What could be more special than this😍
Yayyyyyyyy Finally!! SUMEDH as KRISHNA 😍😍 Damn excited 🐒  @beatking_sumedh 💟
#bekhabar ♥️♥️ @beatking_sumedh 🙈
#majorthrowback  Part 4 #rajkumarsushim  @beatking_sumedh 💟  #chakravartinashokasmarat  _________________________________ VIDEO CREDIT GOES TO VOOT, COLORS & VIACOM18 MEDIA PVT LMTD. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED
#majorthrowback  Part 3 #rajkumarsushim  @beatking_sumedh 💟  #chakravartinashokasmarat  _________________________________ VIDEO CREDIT GOES TO VOOT, COLORS & VIACOM18 MEDIA PVT LMTD. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED
#majorthrowback  Part 2  #rajkumarsushim 😍😍 Heartthrob Villain I hv seen ever🙈 @beatking_sumedh #chakravartinashokasmarat  _________________________________ VIDEO CREDIT GOES TO VOOT, COLORS and VIACOM18 MEDIA PVT LMTD. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED