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Aliff Aziz


Singer. Actor. Son. Husband. Father. Unsigned. For bookings: Joey +60176563235 Email: aliffazizofficial2@gmail.com

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Terima kasih kepada Bukit Merah Laketown Resort for such an awesome experience! Permainan air yang best for the whole family. Kepada yang rasa nak bawak family bercuti boleh datang ramai2 kat Laketown Resort yang terletak di Perak ni okay!
Usain Bolt Jr in the making. 😎 Fun family day with wifey's family today doing something I have not done for a long time. Tu yang nampak lari macam nak terbang kaki. Tapi best ada gathering macam ni once in a while. Terbaik para2 pelari Olympic ni. @nurafinamalik @wan_astillah @asmzal_ @kimlysaa @daniel_evans922 🎥: @bellaastillah ❤️
When you are out of poses for pictures, go for the "pretend to fix your watch" pose. Never goes out of style. 😎
Hello everyone! Finally an update of the actual ReLex Smile operation that i did a month ago.  The cameras wasn't allowed to be in the OT. But the whoke experience was just a joy to think about. My Dr and the team was so professional that it calmed me down before the operation started. The machine inside was like something out of a scifi movie with a robotic female voice saying "Suction On" and "Laser Ready" something like that. All i had to do was look at the green dot for 27 seconds. It was the longest 27 seconds i was responsible to be in charge of my eyes for. 😄  Thankfully the skilled expertise of my Dr and team everything was done in 15mins. Imagine, I've been wearing spectacles and lenses for over a decade and in 15mins right out of the OT, i could already see despite the blurring due to the meds. Went home and slept for three hours and when i woke up, only God understands how happy i was seeing without my glasses or lenses on!  After three days my vision was perfect! Thank you for making this possible for me @optimax_eye_specialist and everyone that was involved in making this a reality for me!  To those thinking of doing laser eye correction but are afraid due to any reason, please pay them a visit and trust me it would be the best decision and investment you make for the rest of your life.  #optimaxshahalam #newvisonnewlife #relexsmile
Look at this people! My Umi before she started her regime of brisk walking she always complained about being breathless just climbing a flight of stairs. She also suffered from immemse pain on her feet when walking for awhile.  This picture really shocked me. Now Umi looks and feel so much different after she started her brisk walking #walkwithumi habit that i think started just 2 to 3 months ago. So proud of you Umi! You can inspire many that think it's impossible to lose weight and stay healthy!  If she could transform this much in 3 months, I'm sure everyone can too!  Key word is consistency people. Now Umi looks so different and I'm sure health wise she feels so much better.  Keep going Umi. You'll be an inspiration to many! ❤️ @fizaaziz  #walkwithumi #transformationstartsfromtheheart #noexcuse
My handsome prince charming that never fails to light up my day with his presence. Alhamdulillah for this priceless blessing dear Allah. ❤️ #mrandmrsaliffazizjr #aydenadrean #dalamgambarninampakmacamgenjicrowzero @aydenadrean17
Here is a quick tour around @meridianclinic that is located at Solaris Mont Kiara.  Such a premium vibe with absolutely friendly, knowledgeable and result oriented doctors Dr Anshaw and @dr_amelia_siahsy  with experience in treating any problems that i may have with regards to aesthetics treatments. And they have some of the most technologically advanced treatments that might not be known to many. And personally i feel the therapists and staffs that is with Meridian Clinic is very sincere and treats every patient like VIPs. Do check this clinic out guys! This is a clinic like no other. Don't believe me? Try once and you'll see exactly what i mean.  #meridianclinic #anaestheticcliniclikenoother
One of my 2019 new year resolution would be to get back in shape and stay healthy. Easier said than done. But I'll put my mind to it this year. Who's with me? 😎
#10yearchallenge 😂
Kawan masa senang memang ramai. Yang betul layak dipanggil kawan atau sahabat adalah pada siapa yang ada sewaktu kita susah.  Thank you for your time my brother from another mother @khalqz #orangkatakitakembarseiras #orangyangkata