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Amber L. DuBoise-Shepherd


I am a Native American artist and I created this Instagram to help show my work and projects I am working on. Facebook Page | ALDuBoiseTheWoods

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Momentum was fun tonight! There were lots of people out and about viewing the artwork! Thanks to my hubby for accompany, and for my mom and step-dad for coming. I must say though, my feet hurt but I wanted to be tall for the evening with my purple heels. I will be there tomorrow with my friends, and be happy to talk to more people about my artwork! Thank you to everyone that came by chatted with me, and happy for meeting new art friends.  There was a live art performance and it was defiantly interesting! And I sure have some favorite pieces there from looking at my fellow artists there. Tomorrow is going to another fun night! Sunday will be the free day open to the public 2-7pm.  @ovac_ok  #oklahomaartist #nativeamerican #navajo #sacandfox #potawatomj #momentum2019 #oklahomavisualartscoalition
Today is Momentum! ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ–ผ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ I’m going to be there for both events this Friday and Saturday for the opening of the exhibition! Get your tickets and come see my artwork and artwork of my fellow artists that were selected to show in this exhibit.  Sunday will be the day it is open free for the public. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ @ovac_ok  #nativeamerican #oklahomavisualartscoalition #oklahomaartists #navajo #sacandfox #potawatomi
Just picked this piece up from Suitable For Framing! Donna always does a terrific job on matting and framing my pieces. This piece will be in the Arts Trek Exhibition at the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art ๐Ÿ–ผ April 30th-April 13th, along with several of my other art pieces! Thanks Donna amazing work as always. ๐Ÿ˜Š  #potawatomi #sacandfox #navajo #nativeartist #nativeamerican #artstrek2019 #mabeegerrermuseum #mabeegerrermuseumofart #oklahomaartist
Hello everyone! Good afternoon!  Just got home from an awesome Friends Meeting at the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art ๐Ÿ–ผ. I was invited to speak about myself and my art. I did get to speak about my great-grandma Louise Begay who was a Navajo Weaver and my grandma Adeline Ketcheshawno DuBoise who was an amazing semstress and made Native clothing, and how they inspired me my artwork, as well as my Native heritage!  So I brought my Native dresses and borrowed my great-grandmas rugs from my mom, and one I made under her teaching. I brought three pieces of my art shared a PowerPoint that showed images of my family, my native people, and my artwork. My grandpa Larry and I wore shirts my grandma addie made for us, and he was there to be my art helper!  Thank you to those at the Friends meeting for feeding us and I loved talking to everyone about my art and my families art. Thank you to my grandpa for coming to support me and help me carry around our families art.  It was a fun time and I’m glad I could provide a chance for others to look at art up close and learn a little more about it.  Amber Shepherd-DuBoise  Facebook | Amber L. DuBoise-Shepherd  #mabeegerrermuseumofart #mabeegerrermuseum #shawneeok #oklahoma #navajo #sacandfox #potawatomi
One of the few things I miss about Stillwater OK is Aspen Coffee! It’s always surreal to drive around Stillwater and know I went to school at OSU and lived there for three years. Enjoyed my day seeing the awesome artwork by the Stillwater Art Guilds members and getting to talk to them about artwork. Winning a 1st place ribbon isn’t to bad either!
Just got back from the Stillwater Art Guild’s Spring Show Reception and I won a first place ribbon in my category with my piece “Potawatomi Woman and her Flowers”! Very exciting news for me after a crazy morning. There were some amazing pieces of artwork by the other guild members.  I also took photos of the best of show, I love the piece and the title makes it even better! It was nice to meet the other guild members and to look at their amazing pieces.  The show will be up until March 29th if you would like to see there pieces at the Stillwater Community Center.  Thank you!  Amber  #stillwaterartguild #stillwateroklahoma #oklahomaartist #artist #nativeamerican #navajo #potawatomi #sacandfox
My mom and step-dad accompanied me to the city to drop off my two pieces that were accepted for the @ovac_ok Momentum 2019 exhibition at The Womb Gallery in OKC!  You can come and see the amazing art March 22-24th! I will post more specific dates this week, or you can go to the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition’s website!  Looking forward to it.  #ovacok #oklahomavisualartscoalition #momentum2019 #okc #nativeamerican #navajo #sacandfox #potawatomi
Good Evening Everyone!  Just wanted to let everyone know that this Saturday March 9th is the Stillwater Art Guild's Spring Show Art Reception from 1:00p-4:00p. So if you wanted to see wonderful artwork by the Art Guild Members, and some of my new pieces, you could come up and check out the artwork and enjoy the reception! I look forward to seeing all the other Guild Members artwork.  This weekend I am also going to be dropping of my two pieces for Momentum and Momentum's Exhibition will be Friday March 22nd, and Saturday March 23rd. There are tickets for the exhibition, and the hours are from 8-11pm. And the exhibition is open to the public March 24th 2-7pm.  Also the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art is revving up for Arts Trek! This year is a two week exhibition Starting March 31st - April 13th! March 31st is the artist reception is 2pm-5pm. Arts Trek is also having Family day April 13th 5-7pm.  I am also looking forward to the Jacobson House Native Art Centers Art Exhibition from April 10th-May 18th. Reception is for April 27th 2-4pm.  I have a lot of shows coming up for the this month and next month. On top of going to meetings, and being there for my family. Thank you everyone! I trust I can see you all soon.  Your Local Native Oklahoma Artist!  Amber  Facebook | Amber L. DuBoise-Shepherd  #nativeamericanartist #navajo #sacandfox #prairiebandpotawatomi #potawatomi #stillwateroklahoma #stillwaterartguild #ovac #oklahomaartscoalition #mabeegerrermuseumofart #artstrek2019 #jacobsonhousenativeartcenter #jacobsonhouse
I dropped of my pieces earlier this evening up for the Stillwater Art Guild’s Spring Art Show! I have three new pieces ready for viewing, and it will be up at the Stillwater Community Center in Stillwater, Oklahoma. So come by and check out my artwork as well as all the other guild members art pieces. The spring show ends Friday March 29th!  Momentum 2019 Exhibition, from the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition  is coming up soon as well and will be Friday Saturday March 22nd - 23rd 7-11pm (there will be a few to attend these nights), and Sunday March 24th 2-7pm! I have two pieces accepted into that show. This exhibition will be at The Womb gallery space who in Oklahoma City!  So there will be two different exhibition and shows you will be able to see my artwork at in person. If you have any questions please feel free to message me!  I look forward to seeing some of you soon!  Thank you!  Amber  Facebook | Amber L. DuBoise-Shepherd  #stillwateroklahoma #oklahomastateuniversity #stillwaterartistguild #navajo #sacandfox #potawatomi #momentum2019 #oklahomavisualartscoalition
Despite my kitty passing, I still had to go to Stillwater today to drop some artwork off for the Stillwater Arts Guild’s Spring Show. It was a nice drive and it was pretty awesome to walk the grounds there at campus! Very happy to see that the campus is getting some new sculptures. They have new gardens and things that are new, as well as new buildings. I LOVE THE NEW ALLAN HOUSER SCULPTURE! It’s a beautiful piece and addition to campus. Also ran by the Bartlett Center where many of my art classes were and saw my previous boss. Also love the new walk way entrance into the student union with the horses. Also ran by and checked out the Postal Plaza OSU’s Art Musuem, before dropping off my artwork.  While at the student union, I did buy me a new OSU shirt. Now OSU I need some alumni merch, get on it! I would like an OSU alumni shirt if I could, but they said they didn’t have any! Told them to let their bosses know we need some alumni merch. It was a bit surreal that I graduated from here was walking around seeing students studying and walking to class. It was neat to be back to roam the grounds. Go Pokes!  @osumuseumofart  #allanhouser #stillwateroklahoma #oklahomastateuniversity #oklahoma #postalplaza #osu #osumuseumofart
Sad start to the morning, me and my hubby decided to have one of of cats, Panther put down. At the end of January we learned he was diabetic, which is thing I didn’t know cats got till we took our other cat Hylia in because she has cat asthma, and the meds she takes can cause it. Well Panther developed it and we tried our best to get him on insulin and get him adjusted to his new diet and food. He wasn’t over weight he actually lost a bunch of weight, which they said is rare but it happens like that sometimes. Well he started going down hill this week, and took him today and they said his body started shutting down. He has gone to kitty heaven where the cat nip is forever green and he can eat as much as he wants!  He will live on in a video though! He is in a documentary of me and my art and he did make it into the shot because he wanted me to pet him will I was trying to do the interview! ๐Ÿ˜†  We still have our yellow kitty Hylia. We will miss Panther. He was a good kitty cat po-po. He was also know as president Panther.  I’m currently in Stillwater dropping some artwork off, but at the vets I did get to see a whole litter of 8 puppies at the vet that were so cute. And on my way up here I saw the cutest little calf that was just so excited jumping around in the pasture. So that brighten up my day! ๐Ÿ„ ๐Ÿˆ ๐Ÿ•
Finished three new pieces for the Stillwater Arts Guild Spring Show! Currently in Stillwater waiting to drop them off. Got them all exhibition ready. They are watercolors with some pen & ink! They will hung up at the Stillwater Community Center if you would like to see them in person.  #navajo #sacandfox #potawatomi #navajorugs #nativeamericanartist #oklahomaartist #stillwateroklahoma #oklahoma #nativeamericanartist #nativeamerican
My grandma was laid to rest Monday. She got military honors and had a flag over her casket, which was given to my grandpa. Taps was played for her. My father played Amazing Grace for her with his native Americans flute. My cousin Julie, my little brother Allen, and I spoke about my our grandma and how much we all loved her and will miss her. Thank you to everyone that came, we had a full house. It was a beautiful service and celebration of my grandmas life. Thank you for everyone’s prayers and hugs, I will definitely be needing them. I send love to my family and I will always be there for each of you. Goodbye grandma, we will see you again. Enjoy your journey to the other side, oh the things you will see!  Pictures of me and my grandma, and one of my grandma young!
First I would like to thank everyone for the Happy Birthday Valentine Wishes, not just to me but my mother as well. Thank you. This unfortunately was a very bitter sweet heart breaking birthday half way through yesterday. I received news from my father that my grandma Adeline Ketcheshawno DuBoise has passed on and started her journey. She passed away earlier Valentines Day afternoon. She passed laying in her and my grandpas favorite napping arm chair. I had just talk to her the day before, so I could invite her and my grandpa to mine and my mother's birthday party this Saturday. I just saw her this last weekend when she dropped my little brother Allen off.  She didn't have many serious medical issues, she just passed in her sleep. She wasn't in any pain, she didn't have to go to nursing home, and she had wits about her. I am heart broken, not just for me but, my father Larry DuBoise, my aunt Alice, my uncles John and Paul, and for my grandpa Larry. I am still trying to process this and trying to be strong for my family.  My grandma Adeline or as me and my brothers called her grandma Nali (A Navajo word for paternal grandparents) was an amazing seamstress. Many of my Sac and Fox and Potawatomi dresses were made by her. She was the one who made my wedding dress for my wedding last year. My grandma is one of my biggest inspirations for my art. I have learned so much from her about our native people and about our culture. Grandma Addie was an amazing grandmother to me, my brothers, my cousins, and to her great-grand kids.  Please keep my grandpa Nali, dad, uncles, aunt, and my family in your prayers as we grieve for Adeline. She sure was an amazing mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.  Yesterday I was remembering all the things we have done together and the talks we had. My grandpa was in particular was sad for me since it was my birthday. He gave me a purse that my grandma had picked out for me. She had put a pen and notepad in the purse as well. Her last gift
Got some exciting news this weekend!  I received an email this weekend that says I was accepted into this years Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition's 2019 Momentum Exhibition that focuses on artists 30 and under. This is my 2nd time to be accepted and I was in this exhibition previously in 2017 and three of my pieces were accepted. This time 2 of my pieces were accepted, my horned toad piece and my family eating together. I am pretty excited to show in exhibition again.  There was were many artists and twice as much artwork up for review, and only a selected amount of artists were accepted. Its very competitive and its neat that I can say I got in twice. I have a few more years to keep applying for this exhibition.  Momentum 2019 Exhibition will take place March 22 - 24th, Friday through Saturday. Friday and Saturday you will have to purchase tickets, but the profits go towards keeping OVAC's momentum going into the future, and Sunday is the open and free to the public.  MOMENTUM: Friday, March 22, 8-11pm  Saturday, March 23, 8-11 pm  Gallery Hours: Exhibition free & open to the public. Sun, March 24, 2-7 pm  I will look forward to this event and I invite everyone to come and see some wonderful emerging young artists from Oklahoma. Feel free to visit OVAC's website to learn more about OVAC.  Amber  Facebook Artist Page | Amber L. DuBoise-Shepherd  #oklahomavisualartscoalition #momentum2019 #navajo #sacandfox #potawatomi #ovac #nativeamericanartist
Took down my artwork at the Brewers Union, it’s bitter sweet but I am happy artwork got to hang here for a month. It’s now a clean slate and ready for another artist! Thank you Brewers Union and Skydance Brewing Co. and the other brewers for the warm welcome. I enjoyed all my visits here and I look forward to our future visits. The beer and the friendly company was great! I recommend everyone try this place out if you like laid back taproom with some good brews.  Thank you Nora for getting this together and hanging my artwork. I appreciate your hard work! I got to sell two small originals which is just awesome!  I’ll see everyone soon at my next art exhibit or show. ๐Ÿ˜Š  Amber  @brewersunionok @skydancebrewing #nativeamericanartist #oklahomaartist #oklahomabrewery #navajo #sacandfox #potawatomi
Its all ready February!  The new year is just beginning and I have a lot of important shows, markets, and exhibitions to let everyone know about. Currently I have artwork up at the Brewers Union for this next weekend, until it comes down the first week of February, so if you haven't had a chance to see my work better come out this weekend to check it out!  Currently I am trying to work on some more new pieces before some show/markets/exhibitions coming up. I am currently waiting on finding out if I got into some different shows but I won't know till a week from now, so I will be sure to update if something changes.  1st is I will be showing work with the Stillwater Art Guild for their Spring Art Show for the month of March 2019. I am going to try to submit three pieces to this show and it will be up at the Stillwater Community Art Center along with the other Stillwater Artist Guild member. I have been busy the past year so hopefully this year I can actually have time to go to Stillwater for the meetings and demos! So keep in eye out for this show for those in and around Stillwater!  2nd is Arts Trek at MGMoA at the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art. This year it is different for those familiar with Arts Trek. This year its a two week exhibition for the first two weeks of April! I will have pieces up for this event and I will be there for the family festival day as well! So for my Shawnee and local followers I will have work during this time.  3rd is I am having and exhibition at the Oscar Jacobson Native Art Center starting in April into May, and I will be exhibiting my bigger pieces and work during this time for those in and around Norman. I trust I can have some of my newer pieces here as well!  4th is way into the future and it is very exciting for me to let everyone know! I had a proposal accepted by the Tulsa Arts Coalition! I was so thrilled because this is the first time I have had a exhibition proposal accepted and is a big step for me. The title currently is
Finished this sketchbook. It’s a 9 x 12 and I have been working in this sketchbook since 2015. This one is very special because it has a lot of my original ideas for some of my portfolio pieces and masterworks. These are just a few of my favorite sketches in this sketchbook. I will now have to get a new sketchbook and re evaluate my notes that I want to add to the new one. It’s a bitter sweet moment to finish this one, because it holds my notes of when I was in college, but it’s exciting because I will start a new one that will have more new ideas! I work in different sized sketchbooks depending on what I’m trying to figure out. I have another one that’s even bigger that I use on occasion, and that one may will definitely be older when I finish that sketchbook! But thought I’d share! Some may recognize these ideas for some of my finalized pieces!  #sketchbook #sketchbooktour #sketches #nativeamerican #navajo #sacandfox #prairiebandpotawatomi #potawatomi #oklahomaartist