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Emily Rose


Data scientist. Fan of rescue animals, baking, and vintage clothes. Feminist. She/her. ✡ . The pup has her own insta: @dahliathescottietzu

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This 80s does 40s sweater from my last birthday trip to @amalgamatedshop is one of my favorites! It's so warm! 🌹 #truevintageootd #vintagestylenotvintagevalues #1940sfashion #1940sstyle #fortiesfashion
#repost @khaledbeydoun • • • • • You just have to be human.  #51lives
If this 1940s novelty print dress from @amalgamatedshop wasn't already delightful, my mom pointing out that it matched perfectly with my early 1950s Forstmann jacket certainly made this a winner! Now it's not just a great dress, it's a suit! 🌹 Does anyone else love sharing their vintage finds with family or friends as soon as they return from a shop? My mom and I live in different states, so we usually Skype when I have new finds to show her. 🌹 #truevintageootd #vintagestylenotvintagevalues #1940sfashion #1940sstyle #fortiesfashion #vintageprint #forstmann
I thought this tulip print 1940s "Future Fashion" label dress would be perfect for a day spent perusing the racks at @amalgamatedshop (so many beautiful pieces!), followed by the orientation for my new community garden. And it was! 🌹 Dress from @kikobellsvintage 🌹 #truevintageootd #vintagestylenotvintagevalues #1940sfashion #1940sstyle #fortiesfashion #vintageprint #futurefashion
Birthday mood 🌹 Photo by @vavoomstudios HMUA by @hairbyleatrice 🌹 #truevintageootd #vintagestylenotvintagevalues #elvgreninspired #1940sstyle #fortiesfashion #1940sfashion
Sometimes an outfit is all about the sleeves... 🌹 70s does 40s Geiger sweater, the red twin of which was currently available from @trailerparkflamingovintage 🌹 #truevintageootd #vintagestylenotvintagevalues #1940sfashion #1940sstyle #fortiesfashion
This plaid 1940s suit isn't everyone's taste, but I clearly love it. 🌹 Suit from @trailerparkflamingovintage 🌹 #truevintageootd #vintagestylenotvintagevalues #1940sfashion #1940sstyle #fortiesfashion #plaid
ISO: futuristic vintage suits, jackets, and dresses 🌹 I'm moving over to lead our research on the Future of Work (very exciting), and I have a lot of events and conferences to attend this year in my new role. I'd like to have a little fun and really play with my vintage vibe but Futurist career. 🌹 I'd also like up be comfortable, because it's a lot of travel. My measurements for this are 36-30-39 (my body, not what I need from the clothes), and while I am willing to squeeze into a 28 (and the requisite girdle) for the right piece, I'd really prefer the larger waist. 🌹 I'm open to wounded - I like projects and have a great tailor for the more skill-intensive work. 🌹 The photos above are Fred A. Block and Lilli Ann, but I'm looking for anything with this general vibe, I don't expect folks to have spare FAB suits just lying around in their project piles. 🌹 Photos from @death_by_deco, @bygones_beauty, @timelessvixen via @greyhoundvintage, and @blacksheepantiques. 🌹 @meepsdc, @thegoldenpeplum, @hemlockvintage, @trailerparkflamingovintage, @kikobellsvintage do you happen to have anything? @amalgamatedshop I'm hoping to come out in person next weekend, just in case you have something magical (and to look for more 1940s prints)! 🌹 #isovintage #fredablock #lilliann #vintagestylenotvintagevalues
I am transitioning to lead a new team at work, and today was one of those days where I felt like I wasn't serving either team well in my effort to support both, which is immensely frustrating, but at least I got to take my 4H sweetheart brooch out for a swim with my Helen Harper knit set. 🌹 Sweater set from @hemlockvintage 🌹 #truevintageootd #vintagestylenotvintagevalues #1950sfashion #1950sstyle #fiftiesfashion #vintageknit #vintagesweaterset #helenharper
Sometimes you base an outfit around 90s does 40s velvet pants so that you can stay warm, but then you realize how perfectly they'll set off your favorite 40s blouse, and then your look is all about the blouse. 🌹 These pants have a small fan club at my office, but I'm obviously biased towards the blouse instead. Just look at it! 🌹 1940s peach Jami blouse and 1990s black velvet pants 🌹 #truevintageootd #vintagestylenotvintagevalues #1940sfashion #1940sstyle #fortiesfashion #jamiblouse
Reunited with my other true love! 🌹 J Crew sweater, my fave for Fridays 🌹 #vintagestylenotvintagevalues #muttsofinstagram #love
"Watson, bring me my magnifying glass, there are clues at hand!" We took a few more #ootd style shots of this great studded 1950s knit set, but this selfie I took pretending to be Sherlock Holmes is my favorite. #iamanerd 🌹 This was my last outfit pic at @tabard_inn because today our new HVAC is being installed! The folks at Tabard Inn were so gracious and welcoming, we'll definitely be back! 🌹 #truevintageootd #vintagestylenotvintagevalues #1950sfashion #1950sstyle #fiftiesfashion #sherlockholmes #turban
When your room has an antique chaise in it, you have to pose on it, those are the rules. 🌹 Vintage Helen Harper knit set from @hemlockvintage #lipstickfebruary is Nars Cruella 🌹 #truevintageootd #vintagestylenotvintagevalues #1950sfashion #1950sstyle #fiftiesfashion #vintageknit #helenharper
When your husband chooses a beautiful historic hotel for your indefinite stay, you have to dress to blend with the ambiance! 🌹 The staff at @tabard_inn has been so welcoming and helpful as we settle in for what we hope is a relatively short stay. Yesterday's winter weather warnings convinced us to give up on trying to tough it out at the house without heat, and we've relocated to the Tabard Inn until we have a new furnace (and Dahlia has relocated to @atlas_doghouse which she loves). The hotel is gorgeous, the drinks are exceptional, and the food is incredibly delicious. There are definitely worst places to be exiled to! 🌹 1940s tulip print dress from @kikobellsvintage 1950s cardigan is part of my Helen Harper set from @hemlockvintage 1950s beaded capulet is from Canada! 🌹 #truevintageootd #vintagestylenotvintagevalues #1940sfashion #1940sstyle #fortiesfashion #retrostyle #lemonsoutoflemonade
This murder look is for the last person who serviced our furnace (in November!), because they chose to ignore the HUGE crack in the heat exchanger (where the flames go), which is not only a fire hazard but releases so much carbon monoxide that its hazardous, so we are now without heat until we can get our entire HVAC system replaced (💸💸💸). It's the middle of winter, and I'm extremely grateful that the awesome folks at Ductz found this before something horrible happened! 🌹 Photo is from my shoot last winter with @vavoomstudios (remember, it could always be worse, we could have lost our furnace in the middle of winter in CHICAGO. That would be brutal.). Hair and makeup compliments of @hairbyleatrice. Robes is my dream vintage peach robe from the Vavoom collection, maybe i'll get lucky and find a similar one someday! 🌹 #truevintageootd #vintagestylenotvintagevalues #1940sfashion #1940sstyle #fortiesfashion #noir #noheat #murderface
I really love this Leslie Fay sweater dress, from @meepsdc. It's a nice bit of brightness in the midst of winter! 🌹 For #lipstickfebruary I'm wearing one of the Besame Snow White Collection lipsticks, blended with a neon covergirl lip crayon. Super helpful details, huh? 🤣 🌹 #truevintageootd #vintagestylenotvintagevalues #1960sstyle #1960sfashion #sixtiesfashion #pink
As you can see from this photo  this dress makes me super happy! 🌹 1940s novelty print dress from @amalgamatedshop Today's contribution to #lipstickfebruary is Bite Agave Lip Mask in Smashed, which has been my go-to this winter! 🌹 #truevintageootd #vintagestylenotvintagevalues #1940sfashion #1940sstyle #fortiesfashion #vintageprint #happy
View from the guest room 🌹 I accidentally took a nap in our new guest room after dropping my sister off at the train station. Let's just call it quality control! 🤣🤣🤣 🌹 The bedding and boxes (both felt and cork) are from @ikeausa (as is the comfy sleeper sofa I crashed on). My dad made the bookshelf when he was in college. 🌹 #vintagestylenotvintagevalues #ikeadecor #toile #cork #felt #shadesofgrey #guestroom #nap