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Acceleration Performance West


•Strength Training & Sports Performance •3615 &3613 Roblin Blvd •joe@accelerationperformance.ca •Personal Training Facility

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When using chains for accommodating resistance, make sure you include a feeder chain so that a majority of the chain links are on the ground in the bottom of the movement.  As you raise the weight most of the chains should come off the ground with the exception of approximately 2-3 links. This way resistance will accommodate appropriately without becoming ballistic.  Example of how to properly set up chains shown here. 🔐
Bottoms up for triples 💪👊
Dynamic effort bench press against chains with the Swiss bar
@careyzoe is an absolute beast of a man, a true @acceleration_performance OG.  I keep telling him he should get certified and take on clients!  How about it Zoe? You always have a home with the AP crew. 💪👊🔐💯 5 minutes non stop marching in the belt squat! 😥
Simplicity is bliss in the gym.  Use the basics.  They have withstood the test of time! 🙌👊💪
Love this MF.  He is a beast and he knows his craft.  One baaaaaad dude.  If you are looking for some gains, definitely hit him up.  You wont regret it! 🔐🏋️‍♀️
@wsjshay kicking ass on upper body today. YES, she maxes out. YES, she lifts heavy. NO, she does not look manly.  Get in the gym and do some lifting ladies.  If she can do it, you bet your ass you can! 😘🙌😊👍
125lbs dumbbell press for @scottclow56 😤
Bad boy Bram taking some big weight for a ride.  Nice work my dude!
Huge thank you to everyone that participated in our free bootcamp.  The experience was a good chance for us to learn what we were capable of with the size of our space.  If you were there you will be hearing from me this weekend, I will be sending out a brief questionnaire so that we can plan our future bootcamp.  If you are interested in participating in future bootcamps do not hesitate to DM, Email me at joe@accelerationperformance.ca or call/text me at 2042904879 💪😊 We want to make sure we have a good sized group before we commit to scheduling anything just yet.  Thank you and have an excellent weekend!
@scottclow56 in the rhino belt squat 🦏 hitting power bar high box box squats.  This thing is awesome!
Paramedics and firefighters are real life superheroes and superheroes require superhero strength.  These guys put the work in so that they can do their job with ease.  Shout out to our first responders! We need them! 👊💪😘
This facility is top of the line.  We have everything you need to help you get better at whatever endeavor you pursue. Be it sports, getting stronger, more mobile, changing your body composition or lengthening your time on this earth, we have got you covered. Come and train with me. I will get you where you want to be. 💪👊🔐💯😤
@roguefitness I am in love.  Bravo!🦏🙌 And thank you @binniedowns for the recommendation! 👊💪🔐
General physical preparation 😤 hard work going down in the gym!
Shoulder taps and sled rows 🛷
Dynamic effort bench press 10x2 50% bar weight against 25% accommodating resistance followed by seesaw dumbbell press and skull crushers.  He finished up with a ton of upper back and abdominal work! 🔐
Max Effort lower body! Sumo deadlift against double light bands followed by some accessory work 💪👊 Getting the butt and hamstrings right!