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#icymi: πŸ‘€πŸ˜© During an appearance on #raquelharper's #raqrants BET show, #lilyachty chose who side he's on in the #nickiminaj and #cardib feud by saying he would always rep for #cardi. In doing so, he claimed he wouldn't be working with #nicki in the future. He seems to be backtracking a little on #twitter though, expressing that he still has love for the Queen despite his comments. Yachty told his fans that Cardi has supported him too much in the past for him to be unclear about who he sides with. The Atlanta artist added, "I f**k w nicki doe been did since elementary school.. they just twisted my words". We're unsure what he means when he says his words were some how twisted.  In the audio above, Yachty clearly says that while he would "probably want to" collaborate with Nicki, he would ultimately turn her down. Thoughts? πŸ€”#TeaSpillers #swipe
#whenwilltheliesstop?: 😩#50Cent pulls out receipts and calls out #stevemadden for lying on #nickiminaj by claiming he never offered her a deal. #nicki also added that he came to her Malibu home begging her to do the deal: "This h** ass n**ga came to my house in MALIBU WITH IRV GOTTI BEGGING ME TO DO THE DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!! My manager Gee Robinson was there. Can't believe grown ass men getting on the internet lying like h***" said Minaj. #swipe #teaspillers
#icymi: πŸ‘€πŸ€” β˜•The ongoing beef between #nickiminaj & #cardib heated back up yesterday. On the latest installment of her Beats 1 show "#QueenRadio," #nicki addressed her beef with #cardi. Discussing their altercation at #nyfw in September, Nicki said that Cardi had been attacked by #rahali, a friend of Nicki's who was also Cardi's co-star on "Love & Hip-Hop," rather than hit by security, as had previously been claimed. Nicki said that Rah punched Cardi in the head "9 or 10 times" . Nicki also offered $100k for surveillance footage of what happened that night. Cardi later responded directly to Nicki in a series of IG videos. First, Cardi addressed Nicki's claims about the NYFW altercation: "You lie so much you can't even keep up with your f**king lies," said Cardi. "First you say you've got footage, but then you say you wanna pay somebody $100k if they give you the footage? Yo, makes sense when you're talking!" Cardi also responded to Nicki claims that she prevented #offset and #21savage from doing a video for their London on the track collaboration "No Flag," according to Cardi she's not close enough to 21 to "have that power" & that the song wasn't worthy of a video. To add to Cardi's rant she went on to say Nicki "barked at her managers" for giving Cardi a featured spot on G-Eazy's "No Limit" record. Nicki also denied leaking Cardi's phone # to fans. But Cardi argued that it wasn't a coincidence that her # was leaked one hour after the NYFW altercation. Nicki later responded to Cardi's videos in a series of tweets but after she did that she wrote a tweet saying how she wanted to focus on positivity and move on from this drama...Cardi ended up reposting it in agreeance. Wow thoughts? πŸ€” #swipe #teaspillers
πŸ˜πŸ‘€ #pressplay: Aww looks like #kyliejenner has went out her way to gift her mom #krisjenner an early birthday present this year. The #kuwtk star documented her pulling up to surprise her mother who's birthday isn't until next Monday on (November 5th) a brand new red 2018 #ferrari 488 GTB on her Insta story. And judging by Kris reaction and her saying "I would of dressed cuter" as she happily hopped into the luxury vehicle she was not expecting this.  #teaspillers
πŸ‘€πŸ˜‚ Former #lhhh star #hazele is not here for those criticizing her for rocking her bantu knots the way she did: "I don't live in negative a** America any more so miss me with all the bullsh**. I gave  up Hollywood for Happiness so stop trying to rain on my parade". What you guys think? Did Hazel pull off this look or what? πŸ€” #teaspillers
#icymi: πŸ‘€πŸ€” #daniellebregoli aka #bhadbhabie is known for voicing her opinion on #nickiminaj & #cardib just a few months ago she backed Cardi and shaded Nicki when she was nominated by #billboardmusicawards as the Best Female Rapper amongst the two. But recently when asked by @rapup about the ongoing Cardi B & Nicki Minaj feud, Bhad Bhabie didn't hold back: "Cardi wins! End of discussion," she declared. "I grew up listening to Nicki. That is old to me," she continued. "Nicki is still a good artist or whatever , but it's old to me. Cardi is what's new in this generation, so Cardi is what might be listened to more. It's what's hotter right now. Why is that a problem?" She also discussed Nicki's feud with #travisscott, who she claims won the No.1 spot on #billboard200 through #kyliejenner by advertising his tour merch with baby #stormi: "Why is Nicki so f***ing salty? Nicki went after a f***ing baby. What did Stormi do? Tell me. What could she have possibly done? Talking about Travis selling sweaters. She doesn't sell merch? B**** get tf outta here". Thoughts?πŸ€” #swipeformore #teaspillers
πŸ‘€ #cardib has recently turned herself into the #newyorkcity police in connection with the strip club fight from a couple of months ago. According to #tmz #cardi allegedly order attack on two bartenders because she thought one might've been sleeping with #offset of #migos. Many are familiar with this situation being that #nickiminaj brought light to it on #queenradio. Thoughts?πŸ€” #swipe #teaspillers
#icymi: πŸ‘€πŸ˜© #khloekardashian's "We do not see color" comment sparks backlash. #khloe doesn't have time for social media trolls, especially those coming after her daughter, #truethompson. The #kuwtk star took to Twitter on Thrusday to vent about a follower who deleted a racist remark after she replied to it: "I dislike the fact that people are allowed to comment on my daughter's skin color but as soon as I comment kindly back and praise her for all that she is, the comment gets erased," she tweeted. "If you have the courage to post your nasty criticism, please allow one to defend or comment back." While Khloé acknowledged "everyone is entitled to their [opinions]," she also pointed out that she's entitled to hers, as well. She also explained she tried to come from a place of empathy rather than a place of hate: "I try to put myself in their shoes & maybe they were brought up in a different type of household then I was, "she added. "So instead of shaming I try to educate. In our household, we do not see color. We see emotion and action. We see love. We feed off of energy." However, the aforementioned comment spurred a bit of an uproar causing many online users to drag Khloé for her choice of words. Thoughts?πŸ€” #swipe #teaspillers
πŸ‘€πŸ˜± #cardib's little sister #hennessycarolina took to #tsr comments section to defend her sister #cardi by responding to a fan who commented under her sister's #globalcitizenfestival performance saying that she "had no stage presence" with some shade for #nickiminaj: "but nicki be on drugs on stage looking like a crackhead" said #hennessy. Hennessy later posted a IG photo captioning it "I said what i said". A famous line said by #neneleaks so I'm guessing Henny felt no remorse for shading #nicki the way she did. Nicki has yet to respond but she has been promoting her new feature with #littlemix '#WomanLikeMe' which drops Oct. 12th. Thoughts? πŸ€”#SWIPE #teaspillers
πŸ€”πŸ‘€ #kimkardashian has once again been facing online parenting criticism for allowing her 5-year-old daughter #northwest to get her makeup done professionally just to watch #snl. Kim shared #north's glam look before #kanyewest performed on the show over the weekend. On her Instagram story, #kimk showed North getting her hair brushed in a bright orange dress, bold matching eyeliner and white sneakers: "Oh, come on," Kim narrated. "Who's is the bigger diva?" Let me see this look. Let me see this look," Kim called as North ran away. North got the full glam squad treatment. "She's coming for me and stealing my glam squad," Kim captioned a picture of North in the makeup chair. Kim might have been here for it but many online users felt as if though North was missing out on the importance of being a child by rocking the glam. Thoughts? πŸ€” #swipe #teaspillers
#icymi: πŸ‘€ Former #lhhatl star #joselinehernandez becomes tongue-tied when questioned about if her and #torylanez relationship status, after a photo surfaced of a photo of his hands literally covering her breasts. "Can two young rich sexy talented people hang out and have fun without the world assuming anything. Smh. I'm allow to have friends without y'all making it bigger than life," she said after the fact. If she thought we didn't believe her before, then now we really don't believe after she became speechless when talking about the "Shooters" rapper. #joseline chatted with #bossip and when asked about #tory, right away she said: "Damn get off my nuts everybody". When the crew followed up by asking Joseline if Tory knew what she thought about him before (she was a fan), she really didn't know what to say and got all tongue-tied... that must mean something well what do you guys think?πŸ€” #teaspillers
#icymi: πŸ‘€Smh not again, the internet has proven to not leave celebrities babies off limits when it comes to judging or dragging in the comments. Just take #truethompson for example, recently baby #true has been getting relentlessly dragged for her skin color. And now #dcyoungfly's daughter #nova is the Internet's latest vitcim she's been getting dragged for her hair length. Although some of DC Young Fly's comments consist of warming messages saying the comedian's daughter is his spitting image, sadly majority were filled of vile opinions about the baby's hair length and one urging DC to get Nova some weave. Thoughts? πŸ€”#SWIPE #teaspillers
#icymi: πŸ‘€πŸ˜©Former #bgc star #winterblanco was absolutely devastated when she found out her fellow #badgirl, and now ex-bestie #dreamdoll was hooking up with her ex #justincombs. #winter says she is a loyal friend to #dream and she even mentions turning down #liluzivert when he slid in her dm's because he had a thing with #dream. Winter also says she would lay hands on Justin if he was in her presence because she considered him family. But according to Dream all Winter's claims aren't true she denies sleeping with Combs and goes off on #kashdoll for adding her two cents in this situation. Thoughts? πŸ€” #swipe #teaspillers
πŸ‘€ #cardib throws out hints that her infamous knot photo from her altercation with #nickiminaj at #nyfw will be included in her new merch. Are y'all tryna cop some knot T's from #cardi or nah? πŸ€” #teaspillers
#icymi: πŸ‘€ #kanyewest believes some social media users are being driven to suicide over lack of engagement from their followers. "There are people who are committing suicide due to not getting enough likes," Ye tweeted Saturday (Sept.22). "Seeking validation in the simulation". #kanye's tweet links to a recently published #newyorkmagazine article -- titled "Kanye West iIs Finally Right About Something: Twitter Should Lose It's Metrics" -- that cites comments he made suggesting that social media platforms should shut off comments, likes, retweets, favorites on posted content. "We should be able to participate in social media without having to show how many followers or likes we have," West tweeted (Sept. 20.) "Just like how we can turn off the comments we should be able to turn off the display of followers. This has an intense negative impact on our self-worth". Ye also likened the amount of likes someone has on social media to "how much money you have in the bank" or "having to write the size of you d--k on your t shirt". Later that day, he posted artwork of what appears to be heart surgery featuring "like" imagery & the caption "a lot of human beings think this is what love means". Thoughts? πŸ€” #swipe #teaspillers
#issaswipe: πŸ‘€ #cardib pulled up at the #milanfashionweek. She wore @dolcegabbana animal print ensemble to the brand's show styled with @giuseppezanotti boots. Thoughts? Are y'all here for this look on Cardi? πŸ€” #teaspillers
πŸ‘€πŸ˜©Smh #khloekardashian has responded to online trolls who have been posting racist comments about her baby girl #truethompson. Last week, Khloe's older sister #kimkardashian posted the first photo of five-month-old #true with her infant cousins, #chicagowest and #stormiwebster. And while the comments section soon flooded with adoring messages, scattered amongst them were a number of racist remarks bashing True for her skin color, labelling her "too dark" and "ugly". Days later, #khloe disabled the comments underneath a recent photo of her & True before addressing the abuse of her daughter, hailing it "disgusting". #thekeeping UpWithTheKardashians star responded to fans who were sharing their love/support for the new mother on #twitter in the days following. "Honestly people are disgusting and they are hurting themselves," she wrote to one user. "For anyone to critic a baby is obviously not well". Thoughts? πŸ€” #swipe #teaspillers
#pressplay: πŸ‘€ #queenlatifah is the latest to share her insight about the feud between female rappers #cardib and #nickiminaj. The hosts of Live with #kellyandryan were eager to know what the old-school rapper thought about how Nicki and Cardi should handle their #nyfw altercation. She believes that they should harness their energy into their music within which taking shots at anyone and everyone for sport is fair game. "I'm up for a real 'brouhaha' and a 'dustup' but not for these ladies. I have a lot of respect for female rappers. We such a powerful minority. & I say powerful in the sense that if you hear a female rapper's record come through on the radio, you hear that record, you know that record, you memorize that record. We just stand out [...] I'd really rather see em shoot the fair one on a record & take everybody out". Latifah would welcome the collaborative project between the rivals: "I could produce it, wrap it, executive produce it. 'We are the world' situation". Are y'all here for the Queen's idea? #teaspillers