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👨‍👩‍👧Parents to a princess. 👩‍👧Exclusively breastfeeding. 💍His fiancé. 🔙SW: 215 lbs 🚨CW: 176 lbs 🥕🥦Health Mentor 👉🏽 FILL OUT THE FORM! ⤵️

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A decision I made back in 2018 around March - has led me to be a present mother to my beautiful daughter in which I won’t take for granted. 🚨KEEP READING! I used to work as a teachers assistant for the NY board of ed. 👩🏽‍🏫 The fact of me taking care of another individuals child was beyond me and leaving my girl at home safe with my mom was not something I wanted to do forever. In April of 2018 I was introduced to the Herbalife Business Opportunity and never looked back. I have been able to lose 45 pounds 💪🏽 on the products , work on my mindset 🧠 and help other individuals from all over he word in over 90 countries do the same! I am able to be present for my daughter , work on my business from home and anywhere , I no longer have to call another person to ask for permission for some time off. I own my own time and I decide when to clock in and clock out. No other person is telling me what to do - I AM MY OWN BOSS. Working on bettering myself and others has never felt this good! So if you are reading this and are tired of working for someone else’s dream and want to start building your own—> go for it! Im here to help. Send a text to 917.609.8440. . . . . Im thankful to have been able to be with my daughter through birth and up until now because simply because I made one decision - TO WORK ON MY OWN DREAMS AND BECOME AN ENTEPRENEUR! #bossmom #fitmom #workfromhome #enterpreneur
👉🏽Registrations is now open for my FEBRUARY cash out fitness challenge! 🏋🏽‍♀️ 🚨Text 917.609.8440 for more details on how to register. #challenge #fitness
Be in total control of your mind and your day will be filled with so much positivity. Be the light someone needs in their life. ✨ #positivevibes #controlyourthoughts
If you missed tonight’s 8PM call just know you missed a lot of valuable information! 🔥 Tonight’s Herbalife Coaches Meeting was amazing! ✨ #wehavecourage #entrepreneur #bosslady
Nothing beats the taste of my banana caramel shake! Are your wondering why I love it so much? It’s healthy , it’s packed with over 21 vitamins and minerals , I can take it on the go and it’s done in 2 minutes ! 💥 BOOM! If you are interested in giving it a try 👉🏽 🚨CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO AND FILL OUT THE FORM! #healthyweight #weightlossjourney #toneitup #nutrition #herbalife #delicious #healthybreakfast #healthydinner #vitamins #minerals #breastfeeding
If you aim at nothing guess what ?? You’ll hit every single time! Do you have any type of plan for this year- a plan for your life? If you answered no- understand that if you don’t have a plan of how your going to grow into the person you dream on becoming , how are you ever going to get there? Think about it. It’s like driving down a dark road with lights off and your eyes closed - it’s impossible to keep going! Your dreams are not far away - set goals daily and take action daily to get you closer to your dreams! 2019 is yours! #dreambig #goals #massiveaction #thisisyouryear #lifeplan #boss #bossmom #enterpreneur
Looking forward for tonight Herbalife meeting with my business partner! ✨ #businesspartners #entrepreneur #bossmom
Great morning y’all! Woke up before the house did - sipping on tea and listening to some morning motivation! Hope you all have an amazing day! ✨ Sending positive vibes your way - please accept.
Don’t allow yourself to give up! Continue to dodge every obstacle and take it on full force. You have the power to over come anything that comes in your way. You got this!
For the past year I have been drinking my shakes every morning for breakfast and every night for dinner ! And it never fails me! It’s so delicious!!!! Packed with over 21 vitamins and minerals that your body needs!! 🤤
Happy Tuesday beautiful souls. Sending positive vibrations to all who read this! 💫
Don’t blame anyone for you past. It’s the past for a reason - leave it there and move forward. You can’t change the past but you have the ability and power to create a better future! Look ahead things will get better .
Ahh. Last nights focus group was lit. Don’t know what that is? Check my previous post. Anyway so after our training was over - the speaker decided to give us time to mingle! OH GOD! I thought immediately ! I am such a shy person when it comes to going up to people and just introducing myself. Usually I would have just left and avoided that situation but I put it in my head that I was going to speak to anyone. So I got lucky enough to meet these 3 beautiful women names Robelsie , Majorie and Amanda. After I got it done I thought to myself that it wasn’t bad at all. Definitely out of my comfort zone but that’s good because things happen when you get out of your comfort zone! TIME TO GROW! . . . . So l made it my goal that every week during our trainings I am going to say hi to someone new and introduce myself. I really enjoyed it. It was dope definitely looking forward to it!
Tonight Herbalife business training was amazing! The fact that every Monday I get to meet with my #herbafamily to learn and build our business is beyond amazing! Every Monday I have something to look forward to and that’s getting trained by young entrepreneurs like myself on how to better my self as well as helping others do the same while gaining income doing it. #entrepreneurlife #bossmom
Working works and it’s that simple! Put in the work because you want to see progress and continue to do it!
#10yearchallenge 20 year old me VS 30 year old me ! Momma and wife aging well! ✨
🚨OPEN TO MEN AND WOMEN WHO ARE BREASTFEEDING AS WELL AS PREGNANT🚨 Lets work on your fitness goals and get to your results! Summer is around the corner. For more details contact me via cell 917.609.8440 or drop a DM! 😎👙 #coaching #fitness #results #10yearchallenge #breastfeeding #pregnant
That time may not be right now as you wish it to be —> don’t give up nor give in when times get hard and the road ahead becomes bumpy. Passed the struggle and passed the road blocks there is something great awaiting you. Your mind may be foggy causing you to not see the light but have faith , believe and you will see match happen. ✨Sending positive vibes your way! 🕊Coach Damaris. #goodvibes #positivevibes #keepgoing #blessed