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These long legs makes squatting pretty difficult.... But I'll get these numbers up... I'm not made of excuses like everybody I've ever known . . . . . . . . #drugfree #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #fitness #gym #muscle #workout #fit #fitnessmotivation #motivation #gymlife #fitfam #shredded #fitnessmodel #abs #body #gymmotivation #training #gains #instafit #physique #bodybuildingmotivation #fitspo #fitnessaddict #lifestyle #strong #health #personaltrainer #nopainnogain #muscles
*THE TWO AT THE BOTTOM OF THE HILL* At the end of her life She was as unwanted as I was at the start of mine And there we were like prisoners dead-to-rights . The burden on those still robust To honor their old and respect their young Well, that's a bit too much to ask So I am at great grandmother's house . I made the perfect companion For you see, i had already been held captive By talking women who always overhead helicoptered  Kept me out the woods and worried me to death and saw in me my father I logged ten thousand hours hearing those gross wretches on their phones So now I am at great grandmother's home . She lived on long after her mind lost clarity I had already did my part... What did you want from me!!! The pain to see a stranger where once was my only family? But I don't owe you any explanation For strangers are you more like  Than Annie Maude Kennedy . And I have wrote one song after the next Look at my life... all the decades I've spent Singing and dancing though you have not approved Your lack of imagination has been the difference  But I've still did what I do . That piano was mine when she died When she died that piano was mine Whose was it if not mine? The country brats born of lies? What would have tickled you with me To turn hot sauce up and have a drink? Well, give me what's mine and leave at the bottom of a hill And eighty years from now there will be music still . I will pass the piano on to the next life See Even then, the piano is never really MINE I upkeep it for all the music that lives in me and direct kin Of which you are not.. So of course you never seen me then But consider how I took care of your mom Once I carried your mom Oh to have had a real mom I wouldn't got tangled up like you And if I needed help from an unwanted boy I'd known just what to do And that piano would have gone to him too. . You fool. That piano was MINE . . . .  #singersongwriter #music #singer #songwriter #musician #newmusic #artist #hiphop #love #musicproducer
***nothing to lose or gain*** It has never profited me to keep track of offense But It has never profited me to let go of it! The one thing that has not changed: How you had nothing for me Anyways Anyways  Anyways . In that case I remember what you say As you never really raise the wage And insult us to our face And if no one is taking offense I will gladly take it for them There are those who must side step But not me.. i ain't taking your shit . I'm not my generation all wrapped in one person But you are paying the same wages from last decade and we are hurting So if I can't enrich myself by laboring in your citadel Fuck you on behalf of the Millennials . . . . . . . . . . . . . #poetry #love #writersofinstagram #quotes #poetrycommunity #poem #writer #poet #art #poems #poetsofinstagram #lovequotes #sad #quote #writing #words #life #follow #quoteoftheday #instagram #like #wordporn #photography #writersofig #thoughts #shayari #instagood #inspirationalquotes #writerscommunity #bhfyp
I had a think today about how silly it would feel to see Trump get trounced in 2020 and four years were just a short time in the life of my nation.  How I myself and millions of Americans literally cried when he skated into office against one of the most unpopular democratic opponents ever. . "Where was your faith in the wisdom of the Founder's?  No one moron can destroy their brilliant creation!" That's what I might be tempted to scold myself for thinking it was the end of the world and weeping bitter tears. . But my tears were much more than for a party- my feelings of ultimate betrayal in 2016 was the final reckoning of the Super Class bourne out into the shameless daylight. . For the entirety of my life I have watched as the idea of the American Dream was disproved.  The idea of competition- to the hardest working and most talented go the spoils, was so thoroughly exposed as hogwash, it sent my entire generation into cynicism of what being American even meant. I can't even count all the men I knew who committed suicide.  All the men who turned to drugs and those who are in prison right now. . I cried over Trump because here he was, the living embodiment of what had become of Us.  An Inheritance brat making up myths of actual merit and talent and if you didn't play his tune he would replace you.  Never had to know a hard truth once like the majority of people in America have who lost their loved ones to drugs, imprisonment, and suicide. . That's why seeing Abigail Disney petitioning for a large tax on the super wealthy is so amazing.  And her reasoning?  The American Dream that enabled her father to build the fortune that Abigail enjoys still today is over for everybody else. And Instead of saying, "sucks to be 99% of Americans!" She shows patriotism and respect to the nation that gave her father a chance to work hard and profit from his talents and vision. . Yes, Abigail!  Youre one super wealthy lady.....in decency and American Spirit. 😍😍😍 . . . . .
****the people of this world**** I won't presume to teach  What anyone can surely see How beautiful the people are Of this world I don't want to preach As if i am the only one who sees How beautiful the people are  Of this world I only seek to praise you And up, I only wish to raise you If that is my presumption.... ...As if you ever needed Me to say something About how beautiful the people are Of this world . See, Where I'm from they always looked down upon to talk too much And go on and on. And i, in spite, have presumed I will bestow upon Some wisdom they could have never known How beautiful the people are of this world . People give differing forms of charity You see, i understand ..there's contempt in familiarity And I've done it again!  I've only spoken more of ME when all I want to do is praise How beautiful the people are of this world . It's hard, you know!  to harbor hard feelings and carry hate Let me shove down your throat what Ive never actually heard you say But SURELY though you lack the urge to articulate You have to know in some unspoken way How beautiful the people are of this world . You could go anywhere and knock on a door And be taken in by the very poor And they would show you how they love their own Why am I telling you?  SURELY you know! How beautiful the people are of this world! . Let's talk in language that translates To laugh and cut up and pull a silly face What do you eat?  Where do you go?  I'll do a stunt! Now it's your turn to put on a show! Look at my crazy dance! All the beautiful people laugh  We don't think we are high and mighty Look at the human so brightly smiling Oh, how beautiful the people are of this world! 🌷 . . . . . . . . . . . . #songwriter #singer #music #musician #artist #hiphop #producer #spilledink #poetsofinstagram #newmusic #love #musicproducer #singersongwriter #song #dj #rnb #beats #poetry #spotify #art #studio #instamusic #rappers #pop #unsignedartist #djs #like #musicvideo #musicians #poetofinstagram
I wish i had someone to yawn with me If I had someone to yawn It would mean their love is strong Just someone to yawn along with me . Three riders in a car commute There's been lots of traveling to do One sets off a yawn but not for all three Just the two in the front seat Where's the one to yawn along with me? . A room of folks that I think of as friends It gets late and light starts to dim I can't help but feel run down So I let a yawn slip out And no one there even yawns along with me I wish I had someone to yawn with me . Later on im talking on the phone To my woman in her england home Six hours in time difference I start to yawn and she finishes Now I got someone to yawn along with me ☺️😴 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #art #artist #drawing #love #photography #artwork #painting #design #illustration #instagood #poetryaccount #sketch #artistsoninstagram #author #photooftheday #digitalart #music #like #instaart #beautiful #contemporaryart #draw #follow #photo #nature #picoftheday #bodybuildersofig #poetofinstagram #spilledink #bodybuilder @reworkingsofatiredmind
You bring out the gentleman in me Had a shootout with Calamity Jane Who needs me to throw my jacket in the mud? No ladies in this wild west hub . I seen all the black and white films These women don't let me help them down From the stage coach, she gives me quite a scowl Adversarial outlaw Women Abound! . I've longed to be a traditional chap But no one in this gold mining camp Bite the nugget with your hardest cap Like snuff they chew me up and spit me out . You ladies don't know what you have missed How natural for me to act like this! What a pleasure to walk her to her door Just a chance to be close to her more . Darling, you've conjured a gentleman indeed I've been scalped by the Apache The cowgirl confused me with the cattle train A hundred miles she yah-mule! me  in the rain . Rode hard and hung up wet Lost my shape and I'm an accordion A little bit of your starch and my collar is fixed And I delight at being your classic gentleman . My manners were forged on Rocky Tops I'd play my banjo naked on the porch I slinged dinner just like I slopped the hogs No complaints from the frowning woman after all . If I tried to get her chair for her She'd say, "what in the world has got into you, Earl?" I just want to be a classic man 'Stop looking at me like that," and she had a helluva jab . What good without you is a romantic heart? Never gets put to use.. only torn apart What good without you is a romantic heart? I'm a gentleman for only you And that ain't never gonna stop.. Excuse me..ahem And that shall endure in this life and in death, my flower, forever and ever and ever and ever.  Amen (My new song for you @reworkingsofatiredmind) . . . . . . . . . #art #artist #drawing #love #photography #artwork #painting #design #illustration #instagood #arte #sketch #artistsoninstagram #poetsofinstagram #photooftheday #digitalart #music #like #instaart #beautiful #contemporaryart #draw #follow #photo #nature #picoftheday #instagram #creative #handmade #bodybuilding
Do you think for a sec If my home wasn't wrecked That I would walk this beaten path? Taking hits like a stooge With a loser or two And you know I don't belong in your shack . You don't like the way I walk Or the way i talk Or the way i clean my shoes If my home wasn't broke Do you think I'd take a toke? Smokin' with a loser or two? . Smoking with a loser or two What can I do? There's no place I can slide Smokin' with a loser or two But I'm nothing like you I've just been driven to hide . You dig around in drawers Find a galore of unidentifiable pills Hope they will console Pop them into your maw But it's only Debra's birth control . We only got one bowl You say, hey, you know We can blow shotguns with this I say, hey, what the hell Only god could tell Why my life came to this . Smokin' with a loser or two Every moment with you Is lowered self respect Let's go drink with your mom Flashbacks of Vietnam With a hobo who never left . Ain't your step-mom a cop? She Drug tested my brah She knew he got high at her crib Your house across the back lawn Before too Long you acting like I ain't shit . Because I'm smokin' with a loser like you So it must be true Let me explain to you radiohead I'm smoking with a loser or two What can I do? Hurry up and hit it,quick . That's right, I'm smoking with a loser or two What can I do? I never had a safe place to slide Smoking with a loser or two But I'm nothing like you My broken home drove me to hide . Listen my dude, you can do interviews About what you think you know of me But I was always better than you I was seeking refuge From an awful family . Count yourself fortunate That you ain't shit And still got to ride in my wake Your first girlfriend- a case of revenge As she tried to get back at me Count yourself fortunate Before I had enough And took all the hits and fades I'm sure youre still in some dark room Eating any pill your loser ass can take . . . . . . . . . . #poet #poetry #writer #poem #love #poetrycommunity
how you inadvertently made a writer . Take a loyal young rat and fill their head with all your fears, regret, and dread Speak from the thousand sides of your mouth Prove that it's just the complaints of a mouse And that young rat will rebel against Your living state of cowardice . Hey, Cats!  They may fear you Hey, Cats!  I'm coming for you! I have to hear all day about you From leaders who would never fight you . Take a loyal young rat and let them overhear Who the elder mice forever fear Let that fear get inside the rat And he will rebel and throw out the cat . Because your fear can't live in here! ♥️ I will quiet the storm! You can't scurry through my heart I'm about to tear these cats apart . The loyal young mouse wont win his rightful place As leader of a directionless race "Oh my gosh what have you done! We are cowards!  How are you our son?" And the fear of cats gets replaced with a new one πŸ™ƒ . Hey Cats!  I think you know somehow Hey Cats!  I can take you down But who, why, and how? The coward mice birthed a writer now . Tell me how "You never put nothing in writing!" Tell me how "It's best to remain a mystery!" Tell me how "Don't let them know you by name!" Sit in the back with us mice and COMPLAIN!" Tell me more About the big cats you adore How we are made for scraps from it's floor Speak from the thousand sides of your mouth Watch in amazement as i throw the cats out! . See, theres a thing you never had the heart to find out Cats don't really want to fight a mouse When I charge them, they say,  of my head I'm out Must be rabid or a defective louse Must not be safe to take this one down But I'm just doing the opposite of a lowly Mouse . I learned this tactic from years of Terror That mice put in me and I couldn't help them But at the very least You can sit in the back now And watch ME As i throw these cats out . . . . . . . . . . #poetry #love #writersofinstagram #quotes #poetrycommunity #poem #writer #poet #art #poems #poetsofinstagram #lovequotes
The kids of narcissists often will have to ponder manipulative things they themselves have done in their past.  After all, a charge of narcissism is a serious one to levy, and the accuser will ponder who they are.  Am I a narcissist?  Will be a natural thing to ask yourself and a good sign of responsibility before wielding the narc word.  Truth is, you may have mimicked their behaviours having been influenced not only by them, but by American society in general. See, in America, we all want to be more free.  Money is freedom.  We are shown people as examples who could step on anyone to attain that freedom as WINNERS. We are told a conscience is being SOFT. Say you wanted to emulate Jay Z and get you a Rover.  You got your supply and a bunch of poor dumb addicts to buy it up.  You are horrified to see Larry, your best customer, turn into a shadow of his former self.  You see him at night as you lay in bed.  Bad dreams and weeping start to occur.  You say to yourself, "Larry would smoke crack anyways if it wasn't from me." But nothing will change your darkening view of yourself.  You're a bad person, you think to yourself.  Never happy even though you are "coming out on top". You're almost to your range Rover.. why do you hate yourself? The answer is, your values and actions don't line up.  An inner conflict rages daily. Congratulations πŸŽ‰ you are fully human and cannot ever avoid that fact.  Hi πŸ‘‹ It must be noted that fearing the human wreckage that is Larry leaving a trail back to you, and fear of being found out are not the same thing as real empathy.  A narc wants to NEVER be exposed and Larry is a liability after awhile. . . . . #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #anxiety #depression #love #selfcare #selflove #health #mentalillness #recovery #mindfulness #motivation #wellness #ptsd #fitness #meditation #life #therapy #quotes #inspiration #healing #bpd #psychology #mentalhealthmatters #positivevibes #happiness #wellbeing #suicideprevention #positivity
In America they sell you a bill of goods that goes like this: "You gotta want it!  No, I'm not on steroids, this is attainable for casuals if you only work harder!" The truth is, firstly, any fitness guru who relies on their displayed body year round for their job is enhanced by drugs.  Many law enforcement officers I've seen lately have very suspicious physiques.. likely SARMS use. Secondly, the mind can become much stronger than the body.  Add in some self loathing flagellation and you get a recipe for disaster. The word "training" implies a journey that eventually ENDS.  One day you are trained!  When it comes to heavy or repetitive exercise, it is not sustainable to stay at high intensity.  The average trainer's will power and addiction to exercise will eventually find the limits of their body's ability to withstand repeated force. Bones will harden with repeated impacts.  Guess what very hard things do?  They shatter like Anderson Silva's leg. Every eight weeks it is necessary to de-load.  Allow the body to stop being dragged through the rigors that will yield diminishing returns anyways.  This de-load also regresses you just enough to have room left to Train forwards again. Of course we HARD CHARGERS don't like to know we are only human beings with all the same frailties as anyone else.  But nothing is more funny than when the aging steroid user tears his biceps and returns to his spindly body's natural size. Jeez, Coach, you're a regular tinymun! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ . . . . . . . . . #training #fitness #gym #workout #motivation #fit #bodybuilding #fitnessmotivation #health #fitfam #lifestyle #healthy #fitspo #strong #gymlife #muscle #fitnessmodel #instagood #sport #fitnessaddict #cardio #instafit #exercise #abs #love #diet #crossfit #gymmotivation #train #bhfyp
It's always been my theory that proficiency at every sport will lend itself to proficiency in combat. the most force that the human body can generate comes from the pushing off of the back leg. A hard puncher doesn't do so with bench press and arm muscles, gathering force from the ground and sending it up your body through your leg collecting in your abs and finally making it to your shoulder which acts as a lever.  My boxing days may be over but I'm always honing for one big punch. . . . . . . . . #fitness #gym #fit #workout #fitnessmotivation #motivation #bodybuilding #health #training #fitfam #love #healthy #sport #lifestyle #crossfit #gymlife #muscle #instagood #healthylifestyle #personaltrainer #fitspo #exercise #instafit #mma #fitnessgirl #fitnessmodel #weightloss #gymmotivation #o #boxing
The Incel threat is real.  So much so the air Force is now giving classes on violent male virgins. I have some experience dealing with their kind. All my early friends were incels Who hated me, the only "Chad" around.  Over six foot tall and These bitch boys would set up coffee dates to dish dirt on me to women. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’. What they got out of discussing me at length who can even know? I was the Pete Best of my band....only my band was nowhere near as talented as the Beatles πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ in fact without me they are just cooks and insurance adjuster gummy bear munchers... What they were born to be. Listen men, you must have something of value to attract women.  you don't have to be tall or muscular you could just be funny and charismatic.  You can be self-assured and confident.. having money is a good way to lock one up in a tower but she will still strive to get with a real man. Like Mr Big.. sexay layday drive me crayzeee drive me WOOOOILLLDDDπŸ˜‚ fat ass You can't gain good qualities through fear and low self esteem.  You will be found out by the women that you are pursuing.  Don't hate your bro who doesn't have your same problems. He's not trying to steal your girlfriend... You are just lame πŸ₯€ If you must do evil keep it at least petty and dont do what your brethren do and try to run over people in vans. Me?  I have room for one woman in my heart and we currently are separated by the Atlantic ocean. That makes me Voluntarily Celebate so no pity for you.  Go lift weights... but not the pink dumbells.  And No, talking about your fibromyalgia or lupus won't seduce her either.  Crying on her won't result in a pity lay video game nerds. The fault will never be with the female of the species... she is the chooser... you better do something to make yourself the right choice because it's all on you you lazy sacks of shit. . . . . . . . . . . #incel #memes #funnymemes #edgymemes #gamer #comedy #victoryroyale #epic #offensivememes #funny #letsgetthisbread
The #metoo era has done much to explain the psychology of sexual harassment victims.  Where it has failed is in identifying these aspects within male victims. This does not compute with societies attitudes that tell a male he is ALWAYS just lucky to be there. As I was fighting the most famous attorney in Alabama I would regularly speak of my troubles to males who would respond, "did she ever give you money?" Yeah, she wanted me dependent on her. "Man, she's a looker!  I need me one like dat!". To which I'd respond, "you are worth so much more than what a rich predator can hand you." I wanted MY PLACE in society.  The American myth that middle class people can serve as guiding patrons made me believe that her friendship would eventually make me dependent on NO ONE! To hear the average man say that it is a desirable position to be in, to be a shadow non person picking up scraps of a rich pos really disheartened me.  How sad that men are so suceptable to rich female predators.  that they don't have our self-esteem and think that they have something to offer society that allows them to be their own men. In that I found a battle worth truly fighting for. If men were Woke to this issue I could band together others who got the exact same treatment from my stalker.  Since I can't assembke other voices against her it is easy to attack me for speaking out against her.  The fact that her family is above the law here means I'm going down if I stand up to them. But stand up i did and regret it i do not.  Wake up, Male victims!  This me too shit can get you too! Do you think my attorney was up to speed with this new issue?  No, I was framed as, "we had a sexual relationship spanning years." A real forward thinker would have known therr was no way an equal relationship ever existed and would have went at it completely different.  But remember, if you have a case you can only use attorneys from conservative backwards af Alabama where this drawling cuck is king! Harper Lee spared